UltraShape vs. Coolsculpting

There are many reasons why we offer UltraShape Power instead of Coolsculpting.

Graphic comparing benefits of UltraShape Power vs. CoolSculpting

While working out and eating right can do wonders for your body, it can still be tough to lose those last few inches. Take control and enjoy the body you’ve earned with UltraShape Power, the fat reduction system that uses ultrasound technology to destroy fat in just three virtually painless, in-office treatments

How does UltraShape Power differ from Coolsculpting?

UltraShape Power is non-invasive and there is no downtime during the procedure – there is no bruising, swelling, or redness.

It’s fast and has a larger coverage area than Coolsculpting and laser systems.

There is no pre-sized applicator meaning a flexible treatment area with smooth outcomes.

UltraShape Power boasts up to 32% fat layer reduction using the painless fat destruction device, compared with 24% via Coolsculpting.

100% of patients report comfort during the procedure.


Graphic comparing UltraShape Power vs. Coolsculpting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for UltraShape Power?

If you are interested in fat reduction treatments like UltraShape Power, we would recommend a consultation as a first step. The main reason why some people don’t get great results with non-invasive body contouring is because they are not great candidates for this type of procedure in the first place.

Having a consultation with a trained, experienced provider is the best way to determine whether or not you would benefit from UltraShape Power.

Generally speaking, good candidates for UltraShape Power are male or female, at least 18 years of age, in good health and seeking treatment for localized, stubborn fat deposits


What is the UltraShape Power treatment like?

We will start your visit by taking a series of photos and measurements in order to track your progress throughout the course of your treatment plan. We will then enter your confidential information into the UltraShape system and begin your treatment.

UltraShape Power uses pulsed, focused ultrasound energy, which produces a warming or mild tingling sensation on the skin. Many people even fall asleep during the treatment because it is so relaxing!

The length of treatment will depend on the size of the area(s) being treated, but most sessions take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

What are the side effects? Any downtime?

Side effects are minimal for the vast majority of people. You may notice slight swelling and/or redness in the treatment area, but this is normal and will resolve quickly within hours of treatment.

Surrounding nerves and tissues are unaffected by the device, which makes the safety profile of UltraShape Power excellent. There is absolutely no downtime associated with this procedure. You will be able to return to normal activities immediately following your treatment.

When will I see results and how long will they last?

The fat cells that are destroyed in each session will be eliminated by your body, you are likely to start seeing some improvements within 10 to 14 days of your first UltraShape Power treatment.

UltraShape Power requires a series of three sessions in order to get the best results, so about 12 weeks after your third & final treatment, you will have reached your maximum results. With each subsequent visit the target treatment area will be measured and you will continue to see increased fat reduction.



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