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Refresh your skin with Sculptra

Some of the most common and noticeable signs of aging are the wrinkles and folds that develop in the central part of your face. Nasolabial folds (more nicely called smile lines) appear between the nose and mouth. Marionette (or laugh) lines appear on the sides of your mouth. Even your chin can develop wrinkles. A key culprit is the loss of facial collagen.  

Collagen is a structural protein found throughout the body. It is fibrous, so it serves as an essential building block for connective tissue, including layers of the skin. Unfortunately, the natural production of collagen decreases as we age, resulting in lost volume and elasticity that enable those pesky facial wrinkles and folds to take center stage.

Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that works gradually to reinvigorate natural collagen production, restoring volume and strengthening skin. The result is a smoother, more youthful appearance.  

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The science behind Sculptra

Sculptra uses microparticles of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) to stimulate new collagen production. The PLLA is very slowly absorbed, so it works continuously over a period of months and produces results that last for up to two years. By working to replenish vital collagen needed to restore skin structure and volume, Sculptra treats the cause of facial aging rather than simply reducing visible symptoms.

Who is a good candidate?

Women and men who want to correct wrinkles and folds around the nose or mouth or on the chin are all good candidates for Sculptra treatment. However, a healthy immune system is important, so you may not be a good candidate if you’re prone to severe allergic reactions or are allergic to any of Sculptra’s ingredients. This is something you can discuss with Dr. Rogers during your consultation.

What does treatment involve?

Sculptra is an in-office treatment that is personalized for each patient. The injection needle is small. The number of injections used and their precise placement within the skin’s dermal layers depends on each person’s skin condition (where fresh collagen is most needed) and desired results. The overall treatment regimen typically involves three (sometimes four) injections over three or four months.

No downtime required

Following Sculptra treatment, you can go right back to your normal routine. You may experience temporary side effects common with injections, such as bleeding, bruising, redness, swelling, or tenderness at the injection sites, but these typically resolve within a few hours or days. If you have any bleeding, it’s best to wait a few hours before reapplying makeup.

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What results can I expect?

Sculptra produces gradual, ongoing results that can last as long as two years. Perhaps best of all, because Sculptra enables you to restore smoother, more rounded facial features over time, there is no instant, obvious change that gives away your secret to looking younger.  

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.