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Dysport Injections

An injectable wrinkle relaxer can help reveal your best self by smoothing away facial wrinkles. Botox might be the name that comes to mind when you think about injectables, but the truth is that Botox Cosmetic is a brand name. There are alternatives that work very effectively, and Dysport is one of them.

Like Botox, Dysport does not rejuvenate your skin. Instead, it treats the underlying muscles to make wrinkles less noticeable. It can erase emerging fine lines and effectively minimize moderate to severe wrinkles. Even better, with regular use, it can also help prevent new wrinkles from forming.

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Dysport treats dynamic wrinkles

When you talk, smile, frown, or squint, your facial muscles create wrinkles in your skin called dynamic wrinkles. In young people, the skin smooths out again when your muscles relax. However, with time and repetition, your skin “remembers” the wrinkles, and they become increasingly visible. You may start to see:

  • Forehead wrinkles – horizontal lines across the forehead
  • Frown lines (also called glabellar lines) – the parallel wrinkles that form between your eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet at the outer edges of your eyes
  • Bunny lines – the little lines that form when you wrinkle your nose
  • Smile lines around your mouth
  • Neck banding – the saggy vertical wrinkles that run from below your chin toward your throat

Dysport is used mainly to treat moderate to severe frown lines, but our providers may also recommend it to treat other facial wrinkles. Using Dysport will not impair your ability to make the natural facial expressions that make you “you.”

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Who is a good candidate? 

No matter how well you care for your skin, you cannot stop dynamic wrinkles from forming. So women and men in their 20s to their 50s or even older who want to maintain a smooth facial appearance or turn back the clock are all great candidates for Dysport.

The injections offer a simple, safe, and highly effective way to not only look your best but feel good about yourself.

Dysport treatments are fast and easy

Your first visit will include a consultation. We can examine your face, listen to your concerns, and then recommend a treatment plan that fits your goals and budget. The injections usually take just a few minutes, so you can come in during your lunch hour or in between errands. We will wipe the area with alcohol or a topical anesthetic, then strategically inject tiny amounts of Dysport as needed to produce the results you want.

Not a fan of needles? No worries! We use a very thin, sharp needle, so you’ll feel just a quick “pinch” and maybe a slight pressure.

And that’s it!

There’s no downtime with Dysport

Immediately after treatment, you may have some temporary mild swelling, bruising, or itchiness at the injection site, but you can go right back to work or whatever you have planned for your day. Risks and potential side effects from Dysport injections are minimal. If you’re looking for even more extensive facial rejuvenation, Dysport makes an excellent companion treatment with dermal fillers as well as facials and laser-based procedures. It’s best to get your Dysport injections first.

Fast results

Dysport results typically appear within just a few days, whereas it can take a week or two to see results with Dysport. The product is gradually absorbed by the body, so after 3-4 months, you will notice your results begin to fade. At that point, you can come in for a refresher treatment to maintain your new look.

Your friends will notice how great you look, but they’ll never know about how you’re doing it unless you choose to reveal your secret.








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Where you get your Dysport injections matters 

Dysport is a prescription medication, and while the injections may seem simple, this is a medical procedure. You want great results, but your health and safety are paramount. You can relax and feel confident when you visit Reveal Aesthetic becauseour providers and staff are highly trained, experienced, and follow medical best practices. They work hard to provide safe, smile-worthy, natural-looking results. 

Treat yourself to a fresher look with Dysport. Get in touch with our team here.