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“I can’t speak highly enough about the whole process from consultation to treatment to follow-up at Reveal Aesthetic. Dr. Tyler Rogers’ personal approach and thorough professionalism impressed me greatly. Dr. Rogers customized the treatment to fit my needs AND walked me through exactly what he was doing the whole time. He fills you with confidence and I am extermely pleased with the results of my Dysport treatment.”


“Dr. Rogers was amazing, he took the time to get to know me and listened to what I wanted. Plus my lips looked the best they ever have! Such a great experience! I will definitely be returning when I need more filler … he’s my “lip guy” now!”


“Relaxing. The best ever! I SEE the difference. You really care. Thank you so much. I can’t wait until next month!”


“The procedure was incredibly easy and comfortable. The woman administering the UltraShape machine at Reveal Aesthetic was very friendly and we chatted the entire time. It took about 45 minutes to do my whole stomach. It has been about a week since the treatment and I am already noticing a change! My mid-section is tighter and already looking flatter! I couldn’t believe it– I’ve worked so hard to make this change happen myself, but I couldn’t have made it possible without the help of this treatment. I am extremely happy with everything in this procedure.”


“So, I was considering cool sculpting but came across Ultrashape Power. After researching the differences between the two, I chose Ultrashape. Dr. Rogers and his staff not only answered all my questions but also made sure I was very comfortable with the procedure. The results are amazing too! Highly recommend Reveal Aesthetic and their many services.”


“I had the best experience when I lasered my veins on my legs. Not only is he an amazing doctor, but I felt at ease during the whole process. I’ll definitely be back again soon and highly suggest going to him if you live in the area.”


“Three Laser Facial treatments with Dr. Rogers and the Picoway Resolve machine and my face, neck, and chest are amazing. Seriously! Tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, much less sun damage and melasma. I want one of these things in my house!’


“I never knew how inexpensive and easy the process was. Now, I wish I had done this years ago!”


“Dr. Rogers was amazing, along with everyone I encountered during my appointment. I first got laser hair removal on my underarms, and I am now going back for my legs and soon other areas as well. The knowledge and love the staff showed towards their career was endearing and also comforting. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional atmosphere. The people that work there are all so welcoming and great, I cannot wait to go back for another successful treatment!”


“I am so happy with the experience I’ve had with Dr. Rogers. He takes his time, talks with you about your expectations and how he can help you reach them. He is very kind and caring. Dr. Rogers has been able to remove a very colorful tattoo on my leg with a PicoWay treatment.”


“I had no idea it was possibly to medically treat my eyelash loss. Dr. Rogers prescribed Latisse and within a month or so I had my lashes back! It seems like such a minor thing but it meant the world to me.”



Reveal Aesthetic is an exclusive, boutique aesthetics practice founded by board certified physician Dr. Tyler Rogers, located in New Albany, Ohio.

Our goal is simple – to provide a treatment plan that will reveal your best self.