“Hair” Today, Gone Tomorrow

Woman's legs on beach.

Imagine being able to wear your favorite skirt or bare it all on the beach without worrying about showing unwanted body hair. Our team can make that a reality at Reveal Aesthetic. We offer the most advanced aesthetic treatments available to keep you looking and feeling your best, including laser hair removal. But it doesn’t work overnight; so start now for your new beach body.

Say goodbye to unwanted hair for good
The thing that sets laser hair removal apart from traditional solutions like waxing and shaving is that it destroys your unwanted hair at the root. Each of your hairs has its own follicle. This protective structure controls the growth cycle of your hair. To stop your unwanted body hair from growing, we use cutting-edge, light-based technology to target these follicles. When exposed to this precise energy, your hair follicle sustains damage. At this point, new hair will no longer grow. We recommend laser hair removal treatments to keep your skin silky smooth all over your body, including delicate areas like your face, bikini line, and underarms to your legs, thighs, and back. It is safe for all skin and hair types, and we can customize your treatment so you’re guaranteed the best results.

But, understand that success takes time
Remember how we said our light-based energy damages your hair follicles so they can’t grow any more hair? Well, it only works when your hair is in the growth stage of its life cycle. Your hair follicles have a life Jeremcycle that contains three parts: growth, regression, and rest. When it’s in the growth stage, your follicle makes an entire shaft of hair. As it moves through the regression and rest stages, it sits back and waits for the signal that it’s time to start growing hair again. For laser hair removal to work, your follicle has to be in the growth stage to get disabled.

Even though it may seem like all of your hair grows at the same time, each hair follicle on your body is in a different stage of its life cycle. So, to permanently disable hair growth in the treatment area, you need several laser hair removal sessions to catch each unwanted follicle at the right stage of its life cycle.

Still, getting silky smooth skin has never been easier
Our laser hair removal treatments take between 20-60 minutes, depending on your treatment area. And, unlike painful waxing sessions that yank your hair out by the roots, our laser hair removal sessions are quite comfortable. After getting laser hair removal, you may feel as though you have a mild sunburn, but this usually fades quickly, and you can resume activity as usual.

Following your first appointment, you’ll notice hair coming out of the treatment site. This is because hair follicles in the growth cycle were disabled. By the time you reach your third sessions, you’ll notice a significant reduction of hair in your treatment site. It’s important to follow our recommended schedule of treatments for maximum results.

Don’t waste your time on waxing and shaving this summer; start laser hair removal today! You’ll wonder why you waited so long. Schedule a consultation today by booking online or calling our New Albany office at (614) 940-0446.

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