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Sculptra, the celebrity facelift. Rejuvenate your skin the Hollywood way! Sculptra smoothes lines and wrinkles, restores skin volume, lifts and firms sagging skin, and reduces the appearance of dark circles & scars.

When you think of facial aging, what’s typically the first thing that comes to mind? Is it fine lines? Is it wrinkles? Maybe it’s a combination of both! But there’s another sign of aging that you might not consider because it’s happening beneath the surface of your skin, making your fine lines and wrinkles more prominent, and causing a dull and hollow look. The issue is the loss of bone, muscle and fat that comes with age.

You’ve probably heard about bone loss as a part of ageing but may not have realized you are also losing bone from your face. Cheek bones become sharper and thinner and jaw and temple areas recede and become thinner, while the eye orbits (sockets) enlarge. All of this contributes to an older, thinner, less healthy appearance. The phrase “good bone structure” refers to the fact that our bones are critical to our facial framework. While muscle, fat and connective tissues fill out our skin giving us contour and youthful softness. Without them, other signs of aging appear more prominent.

You can avoid the signs of aging and look years younger with Sculptra® – an incredible injectable product. As the name implies, Sculptra is a product that actually lets us sculpt your face. It restores tissue loss by replacing lost volume with your body’s own collagen. It is also a natural augmentation because it develops over several months as it stimulates your own tissue to form collagen. Sculptra is one of the most popular injectables we offer, thanks to its long-lasting effects.

Our patients love the treatment for so many reasons, including the subtle, natural-looking results. With Sculptra, the results take several months to fully and naturally develop, allowing your body the time needed to form new collagen around the Sculptra® molecules. Patients love the subtle changes they see each week!

Another perk of Sculptra® is that it’s long-lasting. 80% of patients are still satisfied 2 years later! Most patients receiving Sculptra®, get multiple vials during the first treatment course, then need only one vial touch ups every one to two years. You and your injector will determine the appropriate amount needed during each visit.

Sculptra® doesn’t just fill out the hollows of the face, it can also have quite an effect on the skin. We not only lose tissue and fat under the skin as we age, but we also lose collagen. Without it, adults experience sagging or drooping skin. Sculptra can stimulates new collagen in the skin as well, smoothing out the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sculptra® or think this treatment might be right for you call our office at (614) 940-0446 for a complimentary consultation. Look and feel years younger with Sculptra!